Environmental change is an unavoidable topic when biodiversity is being discussed. In order to make the children aware of how the changing environment is leading to the loss of biodiversity, Mrs. Hema Surapaneni, gave a guest lecture on the same. She spoke about how human interaction is directly proportional to the imbalance spreading in the eco system one of the ends results of which is extinction of certain species and how these human actions disrupts the natural order of things which help maintain balance in nature. Mrs. Hema took up a guest lecture for grade 4 for their current UOI on biodiversity.They were shown a video on global warming following which there was a discussion about its various causes such as deforestation, increase in population, natural/human caused disasters, etc. which lead to climatic changes. She spoke about how human interactions are linked to the imbalance in eco system. She gave the example of automobiles and factories which emit poisonous gases and affect the composition of the atmosphere. She also spoke about how forests are depleting due to various factors like over irrigation and overgrazing. She explained with the example of the Gobi desert.

The harmful effects of plastic were also discussed followed by how we are disrupting the natural order by carrying different species of plants and animals from one country to another without really considering their adaptability and the effect of their presence on other species native to the region. Following this, she explained about the numerous factors which lead to extinction of species. The list started with poaching which is done for reasons varying from the demand for parts of the animal to the desire of some people to keep exotic animals as pets. Apart from poaching, the usage of chemicals, mining in the forests, overharvesting and usage of harmful ray-emitting technologies such as cellphones eventually lead to the extinction of species. Students were then explained that these horrors of environmental change can be stopped if the right action is taken and as a part of that responsibly, one must resolve to grow more trees, stop encroaching into spaces that are meant only for plants and animals and stop polluting the environment at a rate that is more than it can repair itself. In order to make the students reinforce the facts they were given a task- to research about endangered species and draw a conclusion about what can be done to prevent them from going extinct.

Facilitator: Mrs. Hema


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