As the “POI” topic being “Season’s” there was a guest lecture organised.Guest lecture is always interesting and interactive as enormous knowledge is shared. This guest lecture was conducted to bring in a speaker with proven expertise and good exposure on weather and its impact to get credibility to our content on topic seasons. This program was conducted to enhance children’s’ learning experience by providing crucial information on seasons all around the world including its causes. Guest lectures are unique in sharing knowledge aspects as it brings in different perceptions together and validates opinions.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos were very enthusiastic to acquire knowledge on different seasons. As the guest lecturer Mrs Tasneem have been living in Finland for couple of years, she discussed the weather conditions and different lifestyles in Finland. The geckos displayed the profile “Thinker” and asked various questions on the powerpoint presentation by Mrs Tasneem.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos have got familiarized by different seasons and weather conditions in Finland and also other parts of our world. They have learnt the impact of seasonal changes in human life and its results. The children have acquired knowledge on geographical factors affecting due the rotation and revolution of earth on its axis. The children was made aware of clothing and eating habits in Finland by a wonderful powerpoint presentation. Children started questioning about seasons and weather conditions in different countries. The geckos asked relevant questions on seasons.


EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida and Pooja Kolambe.


Some highlights: