A guest lecture was organized for our geckos to understand the responsibility towards our body under the inquiry Human Body where Dr. Padmaja, a Clinical Pharmacist talked about health and hygiene.

Dr. Padmaja holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Krupanidhi college in Bangalore. She had an experience working with prestigious hospitals like Kaveri and MVJ Hospitals. With all her expertise of working in Pediatric wards with children, she directed our kids towards the fact that a healthy lifestyle and necessary eating habits will lead an outcome that is healthy body.

The geckos were enlightened about the various aspects of health and hygiene. Dr. Padmaja emphasized the need of balanced diet, physical exercises and hygiene etiquette that will together promote good health of a person. They learnt how they are responsible for their body and they learnt “We are what we eat”. They understood how to maintain oral hygiene and also how they can follow a balanced diet to lead a healthy life. Geckos were also told the ways to maintain their hygiene that included proper brushing habits, toilet hygiene, proper hand wash etc. The geckos learned a lot from the lecture and came up with beautiful reflections of the lecture.

Learning Objective: The geckos understood the responsibility towards their body by taking a balanced diet and maintaining hygiene.


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