Being Healthy is a personal choice every human should be consciously aware of. The best way to make it happen naturally is to adapt to it right from the childhood. Keeping this in mind, we started our learning for Nursery geckos with “Healthy Habits”.

During the process of our inquiry, our tiny geckos were tuned into the meaning of “healthy” followed by identifying various healthy habits that they follow each day. In the “Finding out” stage we inquired into ‘healthy food’ and the first thing our children could think of was “Fruits”. To take their learning forward, and to encourage them towards eating fruits we had a “Fruit Salad Party”.

Our tiny geckos brought fruits from home, some of them whole while others were cut. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of making the fruit salad in the most hygienic way. Our children ensured that their hands were clean, so they washed hands, all the fruits and tools. Later the facilitators peeled the fruits and educated the children about not touching knives and peelers. However, they did enjoy peeling pomegranate and orange very enthusiastically. They watched curiously while the facilitators cut other fruits like apple and kiwi. Later the children cooperated while mixing the fruits as we added some spices to which they responded very appreciatively.

Some little hands mixed the fruit salad with a lot of enthusiasm while other little eyes glared, and all the children smiled enhancing their social and communication skills.

The best part of our party was the open mindedness that our tiny Geckos portrayed while eating the fruit salad that they had prepared. They also appreciated and thanked each other for bringing fruits and enjoyed the fruit salad party!

Objective: Helping kids understand the importance of healthy food


Some fun moments: