The colour green indicates to grow, to be healthy, and renewal. It is the colour which gives a fresh spring time feeling. It has a calming effect  and brings an individual to a relaxed state.

STUDENT ACTION: All the Geckos of Pre-Primary were taken to the Kollur campus. PPI and PP2 celebrated “Green Day” as they got objects of green colour and spoke about it. They even had decorated diya’s as part of “Diwali Celebration”. PP2 had a nature walk in farm fields near Kollur campus.

LEARNING OUTCOME:All the Geckos enjoyed being in Kollur campus as they already named it as “Magical Campus” , they had activities like music, dance and triumph. PP1 and PP2 did a “Show and Tell” about the green colour objects they brought from home. PP2 geckos were able to identify the parts of plants and various vegetables and also felt the texture of vegetables during the nature walk in farm fields. They integrated the study of plants with the green colour as it was also a green day celebration which turned to be a  fun filled day for the Geckos.

FACILITATOR:All The PP teachers

EVENT CO-ORDINATOR: Mrs. Tehseen Sajjida and Mrs. Pooja Kolambe


Some key highlights: