Diwali is the festival of lights and sweetness. It is basically a symbol of the victory of good over evil, brightness over darkness, and truth over falsity. The diyas not only make diwali, the festival of lights, but they also symbolize the supremacy and consequence of brightness over darkness.

Diya can be defined as a small earthen lamp that is specially lit on diwali for puja and decoration purposes. A cotton wick is used in diyas, and oil or ghee serves as the burning fuel. Diyas are plain and coloured, big and small, simple and fancy, and so. Diwali diyas are major attractions in this festival. Diwali celebrations are incomplete and graceless without the use of diwali diyas. Diyas were, are and will remain significant part of the diwali festival.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos have painted,decorated and made enticing diyas as a part of diwali celebration. The children experienced the effort involved in decorating diyas and also significance in celebrating diwali.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos got aware of the culture and traditions of this specific festival called “Diwali”. The geckos acquired knowledge on the importance of making diyas and lightening all over to celebrate the victory of Lord Rama.  They learnt how to make diyas more enticing and attractive by painting and colouring. The diyas were exhibited to our valuable parents for sale on 10th of November, and the amount earned would be used for a social cause.

FACILITATOR : Mrs. Pooja Kolambe and Mr. Sahu

EVENT COORDINATOR : Mrs. Pooja Kolambe

Some moments from the event: