Graduation ceremony is of great importance because it marks transition of geckos from one stage to another. PP2 geckos have arrived to the time of year where graduating students don their caps and gowns and arm themselves with a grin as they march across the stage to receive their certificates. It is time of celebration of achievement and most importantly a beginning for the next grade. Our young geckoes were felicitated by our dynamic Director , Mrs. Kirthi Reddy and our respected bursar, Mr. Sudhakar reddy and our beloved principal Mrs. Hema Surapaneni. During the ceremony our honourable principal Mrs Hema Surapaneni extended her thanks to parents for their support and contribution in reinforcement of procedures and also for abiding by the school rules. She articulated and expressed the significance of education and discipline and wished all the geckos success in next grade. Parents witnessed their children receiving the graduation certificates attired in the traditional gowns with caps. The solemn ceremony also had the young ones performing synchronized dance steps to scintillating music with the parents cheering them. Our Confident Geckos presented a skit on the story “Lion and the clever rabbit” .

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some happy moments: