If education is a journey, the transition from Primary to Middle school is a plunge into the unknown- exciting, life-changing and adventurous, yet a cause of concern as one doesn’t know what awaits.

Being well prepared and making informed choices is the only way to ensure that it is not only the transition that is smooth but the rest of the journey is joyful and productive. The first step in this journey was the Parent Orientation held on 9 March, 2019. The aim was to inform and familiarize them with the Cambridge International curriculum and CBSE National curriculum, how it is similar to and different it is from IB, what are the requirements and what are the approaches to learning.

This orientation also helped the parents get clarity on many misconceptions and understand the support that they need to provide their child, emotionally and academically to help him sail smoothly through this transition.

The parents were not only informed regarding middle school, but were also taken through the academic journey the child goes through when they completes high school as per their choice of curriculum. It was our endeavour to help the parents choose the most appropriate option as per the capability and future plans of the child.

We concluded the session with an open house forum, which was addressed by our beloved Principal Mr. G. Prabhakar Reddy, who shared his experience in the field of education and aided the parents choose the best suited curricula for their child.


Some moments: