At IB PYP, every class and section gets an opportunity to conduct the weekly assembly, which is a significant platform for students to collaborate, plan and present their learning and what they think is relevant to their world. These morning assemblies instils in each gecko a sense of responsibility, pride, confidence and ownership.

The geckos of grade 3E conducted the assembly on Friday, October 25th which began with a school prayer. The thought for the day “I don’t like studying, I love learning, learning is beautiful” was shared by Sanjit Reddy. The international, national and sports news was shared by Shanmukh, Arjun Reddy, Tusya. Yashita shared few mythological stories on why Diwali is celebrated.

The class sang a song – “We are the world”. The students presented a skit on “Diwali”. They shared the effects of crackers on environment which causes air pollution, noise pollution and harms animals. Sanjay shared ways to celebrate eco friendly Diwali. All the students were enthusiastic, confident and well organized.

The assembly concluded with Ms. Anjalika IB PYP principal sharing the importance on “gratitude” and “giving and receiving”. Gaudium believes that the greatest joy is the joy of giving and sharing with others. Every year “Joy of Giving” drive is conducted in school. Geckos were encouraged to showed their gratitude towards our support staff every day.


Some highlights: