Grade: PP1

Event: Field Trip to local community

Date: 9 January 2018

Topic: Community Helpers.

At the age of 4, children are curious about their surroundings. They are in awe with almost everything and everybody different that they see around them. It is usually at this time the adults around these children would want to inculcate some basic methods of organizing the little world around them.

This was the perfect time for us to integrate our young minds into their environment by exposing them to the community around them. PP1 Geckos have been exploring the topic ‘Community Helpers’ under the theme ‘How we organize ourselves’ and the best way we chose to explain the term ‘community’ ,  was by allowing them to witness it.

We visited our school’s local community and observed the various elements that form a community. The Geckos interacted with different community helpers and inquired about their goods and the kind of work they do. They got an opportunity to visit the Police station and interact with the Sub Inspector. They were amazed to see the ‘jail’ and quite contrary to their belief, they were very happy to meet friendly police officers. The geckos became knowledgeable about their work procedure. The police officer explained about F.I.R. and the functioning of the station, whom/ how to approach etc. Our geckos were very curious to learn about the tools that police officers use to protect the community. They confidently inquired about their roles and were proud to get answers from cooperative police officers.

They could connect with our profiles and reflected that the community helpers were Principled, Knowledgeable and Balanced. The geckos also saw tailors stitching bags, street food vendors preparing their meals, shopkeepers selling their goods, sweepers cleaning the roads, carpenters building furniture, mechanics fixing vehicles and bus/auto drivers carrying out their job.

This field trip was an excellent experiential learning engagement. Involvement in real world scenarios makes learning more meaningful and memorable for children. As a result this trip had a remarkable impact on our young minds.

Some pics from the event: