Stories come in different forms and shapes. Some make us think about the serious side of life while others make us laugh at the lighter side of it. The Geckos are being introduced to different forms and styles of story writing and Fabricate a Fable was a fun-filled introduction to the magical world of fables where animals can talk, where dragons and unicorns exist and where the good always emerges as the victor against evil..

Student Actions: The Geckos of grade 4 and 5 came up with two fables. One fable was about taking care of animals and not to harm them. Another fable was based on the moral ‘to think before you leap’. The fable was represented through a childless woman who was given a child on the condition that she would never wear a piece of clothing more than once. Temptation leads her to disobey and she ends up losing all she has. The Geckos of grade 6 and 7, not only came up with a fable, but also represented it as a role play. The fable used the IB profiles ‘Caring’ and ‘Thinker’ as characters and how they help an individual. It was a learning experience for the Geckos as well as an interactive fun-filled activity.

Student Learnings: Geckos got an opportunity to develop communication skills via storytelling, performing theater act and in presenting their imagination. Students understood that short moral stories are called ‘fable’ for eg. ‘Panchatantra (Five principles) which is an ancient Indian collection of animal fables an original work composed by Vishnu Sharma in the 3rd century.

Facilitator: Mrs. Resham (English Facilitator)


Some highlights: