A visit to the Botanical Gardens was organized which was in tune with the month’s topic on “Plants.”   The lines of inquiry were “Types of Plants,” “Aesthetic Value of Plants” “Structure and Function of Plants” “Needs of Plants”and the “Adaptation of Plants”. The field trip helped in encompassing the central idea and all attributes of the lines of inquiry from grades 1,2 and 3. KVBR-Botanical garden has varied plant sections consisting of medicinal plants, timber trees, fruit trees, ornamental plants, aquatic plants, bamboos and so on.

Student Actions: The garden has a good variety of plants which helped the geckos gain firsthand information on the different types of plants.

Grade 1 were engaged at the section on ornamental plants that made the geckos understand and see how plants beautify the world. The gardener spoke to them on plantcare and basic needs of plants. Geckos drew the different types of plants that they saw at the garden.

Grade 2 students took keen interest in knowing different types of plants/trees/shrubs & herbs. They had lot of queries, that were answered to their satisfaction which also helped them understand that plants /plant parts vary in sizes & shapes to perform certain specific functions. They also learnt about types of plant families like Cactaceae, Apocynaceae, Sapotaceae etc.from the signposts that were erected against different plant types in the garden.

Geckos of Grade 3 explored the gardens to investigate the properties of medicinal plants, learnt the plants generic and scientific names and to which plant family they belong to.The geckos took extensive notes on a variety of plants from different sections of the garden.

The trip also gave the geckos an opportunity to spend time with their friends and teachers. A small class party was held in the garden. The mentors and the geckos contributed towards it. The geckos had fun partying in the lap of nature.

Student Learning: Geckos learnt that plants were classified into families based on similar properties and features. The admired the aesthetic value of plants that not only makes our homes and environment look pristine but also makes our planet look green and beautiful compared to the rest of the planets. They understood the importance of plants to mankind in that “plants give a lot” and all living organisms are dependant on it for basic amenities such as food, clothing, housing, medicine, etc… Visit to the botanical Garden showcased the efforts made to revive and sustain a green planet. The trip not only fulfilled a meaningful learning experience, it gave students a chance to demonstrate some of the IB attitudes such as responsibility, cooperation, tolerance, concern for others, sharing, being free and independant outside the confines of the school and away from the close supervision of their parents.

Event Coordinator: Mrs. Mitali Joshi

Facilitators: Mrs. Sonali Goswamy & Ms. Nola (G1), Mrs. Neelam Sharma (G2) and Mrs. Jennifer Inti (G3)


Some key highlights: