Being the topic “Shelter” the PP1 Geckos are learning about different types of shelter and the factors which affect the types of houses built and found in a particular area. After learning the concepts it was time for our Geckos to reflect upon their learning.

Taking action provided an opportunity to the learners to showcase their creativity, presentation and communication skills. The Geckos were divided into different groups and under the guidance of our Art teacher Mrs Krishna kali each and every group formed a 3D model of type of houses found across the globe. It was a happy moment for us seeing our Geckos showing so much of integrity while making the models. They helped each other and worked all together as a team. Children used papier Mache, ice cream sticks, paper, mud, hay n chart paper to make the models of different houses like igloo, stilt house, kaccha house and pucca house. Further the Geckos exhibited their knowledge and learning by conducting an exhibition, where they spoke about the different factors affecting the type of house they have made and the importance of it in that particular area. The entire Gaudium family witnessed their hard work, enthusiasm and appreciated the way the tiny Geckos confidently presented their journey.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers

Some highlights from the exhibition: