Our Geckos attended a workshop by Dinasim Learning Organizations founder Mr.Divesh Bathija on 11 September, which enhanced their learning experience and gave them an exposure to the world of economics through the eye of the market and its happenings.

This tailor-made workshop for the students was organised in connection to the topics they are learning in Economics and Business Studies. The workshop was designed in a way that geckos enjoyed, while learning the concepts in economics which will enable them to look at the subject beyond the textbooks and exams. This training primarily focused on SLA (Subconscious Learning Approach) method with real-life situations and hypothetical money games.

Geckos learned many concepts through the well-designed games and activities, like expressing day to day situations in terms of Economics, expressing the Economic laws , Solving economic challenges with live examples. They also understood the differences in the micro and macroeconomics and the demand supply functioning in developed and developing economies etc. It ignited the minds of the students by innovating the learning environment in terms of facing the challenges to create a better society.


Some highlights: