The early years of childhood plays an essential role in building a child’s personality. All the exposure they get during the first five years impact their mind and emotions drastically. Children learn and grow faster when they are loved, encouraged and get attention.

They also develop trust and security which turns into confidence as they grow, which is a reflection of the creative and safe environment they are brought up both at Home and School.

Preschool is their first home away from home. This is the place they learn to grow socially, emotionally and build their first skill set with respect to an environment. They develop a sense of self and bond with strangers for the very first time taking their first step towards gaining confidence. They learn how to become independent, develop habits like patience, sharing, caring and co-operation and wait for their turn helps them in securing social life.

Behaviour management is an important aspect of modelling social life, we practice this defining routines at school. Flexible routines help us achieve a calm atmosphere in the class to help our little ones focus on tasks. We create a set of golden rules along with children which are called as Essential Agreements. This agreement helps them to function easily and be well organized throughout the year. These are not impose to the children but made by children.

During the early years of childhood Language and cognitive skills are also enhanced; they learn new vocabulary while they are doing activities, singing, reading books or doing inquiry. This helps them to think critically, analyse things, and explore new things and ideas. Children are encouraged to think about “why”. This help them to think beyond their boundaries. They find answers through exploration, experimentation, and conversation.

“We encapsulate these important learning forms by designing learning engagements like group discussions, show and tell assembly presentations, stage performances, dance, singing competitions etc. Their literacy and numerical knowledge enhances as they participate in fun learning activities. They are encouraged to read through picture reading and story telling sessions. Theatre also boosts them wander into the mystic land of books yearning for more fairy tales. The end of this period they are perfectly seasoned to begin their formal learning journey armed with enough life skills and knowledge.

As I mentioned earlier, school is their home away from home. But the learning they experience at their homes is very precious because that’s the place where you witness these little “reflect”. A collaboration between both the “homes of the child helps him/ her develop holistically.