We use words every day, read them, speak them and think about them. Sometimes we don’t think about what we say, but words are influenced by our emotions at the time we say them.  Are words more powerful than you think?  And can they really affect our minds and our bodies too?

Dr Masaru’s  rice experiment was carried out by the students of grade 5 I. Cooked rice was kept in 2 jars -one labelled “I love you ‘ another jar marked ‘I hate you’ . The students said good things to the jar that was labelled “I love you “Another jar marked ‘I hate you’ was spoken to in a horrible way. The jars were observed for about a month .The students were amazed to notice that the rice that was spoken kind words remained mostly white, while the rice that was negatively  spoken to, turned mouldy .

With results like this we understood that words are powerful  To conclude the students started reflecting on their usage of words by making connections to the experiment.


Some highlights