Computers are not only about playing games. The importance of the application of computer science has been truly understood by all the age groups due to the crisis going on in this pandemic. Every subject is benefitted by integration of technology in their lesson planning. So, it is very important for the students to realize that there are various applications available on the globe where they can showcase their talents in the form of creativity, language development and problem solving skills. With all this in mind the journey of computer science for Grade 6B started with a variety of hands on experience in documentation and presentation.

The creative minds were at work for making their own comic strip. Right from the selection of characters, plot, dialogue and story, the originality was maintained throughout. Also they learned to record their voice and implement it in the software. They also created fact cards, pictionary and timeline on other fields of computer science. These applications are effective because they engage students in a meaningful learning experience where they get a chance to enhance their cognitive, intellectual, social, and cultural values.

The teaching and learning is successful only when we reflect on the topics, understand the challenges and work on them. Hence it is a practice in computer science class to take reflection from students and share an action plan with them.


Some highlights: