MYP Programme in The Gaudium school has come up with a dynamic performance practice in the classroom. This performance practise allows geckos to experience skills of three performance subjects: Dance, Music and Theatre. Without forgetting the aims and objectives of MYP arts, the course is designed to offer life skills through performance practices. Two units are designed for an academic year; at the end of each unit, geckos will perform a musical play, and write their responses on the performance.

To reach the final performance, geckos are going through theory and sequence of activities.  The theory focuses on elements of music, dance and theatre. All the activities are designed to acquire performance skills.  Thus, the course is designed to give an opportunity for both theory and activities.  As part of the theory, geckos explored performance elements, the importance of stamina for performers, and musical notes. After exploring the theoretical aspects, students explored various activities connected to the theory. For instance, the geckos demonstrated various expressions, imitated various musical notes, and practised various warm-up games. With the help of teachers, the geckos always connect the activities for their final musical theatre performance.  Examples for this connection can be described from an activity: singing a dialogue. Here, the geckos select two sentences to introduce themselves, and they deliver the two sentences in a song format. This is the stage for musical theatre practice. In later stages, they improvise scenes using song and dialogues. At the final stage, they approach a musical script and make a performance.

When they were asked to reflect on musical theatre performance, few geckos connected to clip arts. These clip arts establish a strong connection between the learning experience and the subject skills. For example, clip art 1 was identified with geckos’ virtual classes; clip art 2 was recognized as how a person transforms himself as a character with theatrical costumes and makeup, and clip art 3 was branded for the audience in a theatre.

Thus, the geckos are expressing their ideas, and engaging with subject skills in virtual classrooms successfully.


Some pics: