The Gaudium school celebrated Children’s day on 14th November 2019 with great splendour and grandeur. The entire campus was decorated with balloons and cartoon characters. Children came dressed in blue, red and yellow, i.e. the colours of our school’s logo. They were welcomed with chocolates and a warm wish from every member of the school.

We conducted a special assembly for children in the Multipurpose Hall. The geckos were specially elated to witness the magic show conducted by some of the facilitators and thoroughly enjoyed watching their teachers perform. The geckos learnt that November 14 is also a day to pay tribute to our first Prime Minister of Independent India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was very fond of children. The geckos were excited to receive the take-aways. As the young ones enjoyed, laughed and shared joy among each other, the elders went down the memory lane, remembering their childhood, their school and their friends. It was a wonderful event cherishing the childhood, the cheerfulness and joy that children bring to our lives with their vibrant presence around us.


Some highlights: