Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more. — Mother Teresa

The Gaudium School celebrated World Mindfulness Day with the theme ‘Peace Within’ on the morning of Saturday, 12th September 2020. It was a wonderful event conducted virtually and presented on Facebook live on our social media handle with the active participation of our students, parents, teachers and staff along with friends and family. Such initiatives are the need of the hour as it spreads awareness and importance of practising mindfulness which is highly beneficial in the current scenario.

Mindfulness means to be completely present at the moment one is in, physically as well as mentally; one learns to acknowledge the current state of being. Practising mindfulness enables us to soak up the sights, smells and sounds of everything that is around us, it unleashes our natural curiosity about the workings of the minds and helps us to approach our experiences with warmth and kindness, to everyone and ourselves as well. Though mindfulness doesn’t eliminate stress or other difficulties, by becoming aware of unpleasant thoughts and emotions, it enables one to have more choices in handling such thoughts in stressful situations. The benefits of practising mindfulness are many. It reduces stress levels, it enhances performance, provides additional insight and awareness through observing our own mind and has an immensely positive impact. Mindfulness and Wellbeing, thus being one of The Gaudium School’s 5 developmental pillars, has been implemented in the curriculum where it is practised every day in the classes.

The session progressed with the demonstration of various mindfulness exercises which are unique and very interesting and were practised live with our audience. The major domains under which they were divided were mindful breathing, mindful movement, mindful thinking, mindful sense organs and self-awareness. Ms Zain Khan and Ms Disha Patel demonstrated the exercises alternatively and also suggested the proper time of the day to do them on a regular basis. Each exercise was described in detail and explained how it helps in calming ourselves, being fully present in a moment, realizing our comfort levels, and letting go of stress. Self-awareness is another important component of mindfulness. The exercises in self-awareness help in enriching our emotional intelligence, develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and also help in developing empathy towards others and as a whole develops leadership skills in one. The beautiful session was concluded by Ms Jaswandi Sahasrabudhe giving a vote of thanks and urging the audience to practice mindfulness which will ensure peace within.


Some highlights: