Since childhood I am brought up with values and deep rooted cultural boundaries. My grandmother was a founder principal of one of the school and thus had all her principles, discipline and etiquettes at its place. She was very strict and cannot resist unaccepted behavior at home and in public. She used to discipline me right from morning chores till bed time. She used to discipline by explaining, scolding and at times even punishing. Table etiquettes, talking to elders, taking care of belongings, behaving at home and others place was guided and corrected time to time. At times I used to get irritated but when everybody used to praise my behavior, my self -confidence used to boost up. Her firmness at times would scare me to experiment things at home, but later as I grew with her made me understand good and positive side of her personality. She always strived to mould her grandchildren’s personality in such a manner where they should be responsible, respectful and obedient towards elders and self belongings. She narrated different types of stories carrying important message and morals. She used to teach and play indoor games and each game had some significant skill to learn. I used to get upset if I see myself losing in the game. She always made me understand that this is not the last game. More and more we play and practice, more you will master it. I still remember my friend’s parents and family friends always admired me for being a disciplined and principled girl and I owe my admiration to my grandmother for the way she has disciplined me.

On the other hand I had seen my friends grown up with a lot of leverages and leniency. They were given all privileges as and when they want. They were always surrounded by helpers/maids and all facilities were made available to them. At times I used to wonder what would happen if they had to stay at hostel? Will they not feel helpless? They lacked in life skills which were important to survive in this society. They lacked in basic values and discipline which was not inculcated time to time. These friends had high self esteem and confidence but lacked in basic principles of life.

In today’s world, it is observed that children cannot take negative criticism. Firm, harsh and punishable act to improve behavior leads to long term psychological effects in child. A lot of expertise advice and skills are needed to discipline child. Reducing child’s frustration, positive reinforcement of behavior, encouraging and motivating child to understand his/ her behavior helps in disciplining them. Strategies to discipline child varies in different stage of life. Parents should understand that it is important to let the child make mistakes and learn out of it. The more they experiment the more they learn out of their practical life and more clear they are with the consequences.

Discipline is highest form of love. If you really love someone, you have to give them the level of discipline they need. -Tom Izzo