The Gaudium School’s career counselling team aims to help the students choose the right career option with proper guidance on career planning. As a part of the process, the students are provided with the opportunity to know about the various colleges and universities informing them about the wide array of subject choices that are offered. A career webinar was organized on 12th December 2020 by the school Career Counselor Ms. Mahitha Sammeta with one of the top universities in Canada- The University of British Columbia.

Founded in 1915, “The University of British Columbia” is a global centre for research, teaching, and learning, and is ranked as the most international institution in North America, and among the top 40 research universities in the world. The participants of the webinar had an innovative platform where they got a clear picture of the academic excellence and the experiential learning which are offered along with a brief on the program and subject choices offered. The spectacular locations in Canada and the internationally recognized degrees in comprehensive fields of study were found very informative and attractive for the participants to consider. From higher education, scholarships, degree-related work experience to cutting-edge research projects and exposure were the pointers which the participants were taken through. The webinar was very informative and was concluded with an open house where the parents and students asked their queries and gained more clarity on the matter. It was a fruitful session for aspiring champions as they spent productive time equipping themselves for the future ahead.


Some higlights: