The bird is a flying feathered creature, with two strong wings and two legs. When a bird flies, it is amazing to watch. How they take flight, glide through the air and land with ease is very intriguing. Birds are the only animals that have feathers and belong to the scientific class called “Aves”. When birds communicate they use songs and calls. Birds are social animals and like to work together, and they flock together for protection and company.

STUDENT ACTION: The geckos have experienced watching the food habits of the farm animals and have personally fed the birds the grains they got from their homes. The children enjoyed and acquired knowledge on the physical movements of farm animals. The geckos enthusiastically gazed the birds and were feeling glad to feed them.

LEARNING OUTCOME: The geckos observed the farm animals and also got familiar with the colourful birds. The geckos acquainted themselves on how to feed the birds and enjoyed doing the same. The geckos were told about different breeds of birds and their favourite foods.

FACILITATOR: Mrs. Geeti Agarwal and Mrs Eva Gomes

EVENT COORDINATOR: Mrs Tahseen Sajjida


Key highlights: