Our PP1 Geckos are aware how important plants are for us and what would happen if we don’t have enough plants around us. Throughout their current unit “Plants” the learners have been discussing about what are the disadvantages of not having plants? What are the effect of deforestation and how Global warming is affecting the world? Now it was time to make the community aware of this fact. PP1 Geckos took this responsibility; they came together and started with awareness campaign to educate others to plant trees. our super enthusiastic Geckos hit the streets as they participated in an ‘Awareness campaign’, with banners, shouting slogans on Importance of plants.

The Nanakramguda Street surely was startled by our Gecko’s confidence as they demonstrated their learning in this manner. They promised to plant a sapling every year as a gift to planet Earth on their birthday. They carried banners containing slogans like, “SAVE TREES THEY WILL SAVE YOU”, “THE BEST TIME TO PLANT A TREE IS NOW”, “TREE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND”, “IF YOU CUT A TREE YOU CUT YOUR LIFE”.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: