Grade 2 took up ‘art’ as the topic of inquiry under the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’. The inquiry was an elaboration of the phrase ‘Art is a form of expression to communicate’ through which they not only learnt about the different forms of art, but also learnt how to create the same. Of the many forms of art, visual arts were focused on. They learnt about the origin of art which can be traced back to cave art- a means of communication and chronicling during the prehistoric times. This was followed up by the Mughal miniature and folk art which are unique in content and technique. It is always easier to communicate abstract feelings through relatable concrete objects and at the same time, expressing realities through the abstract is highly effective. The technique of cubism was also taught. Based on their learning and their inclinations, the students were divided into teams and they applied the art techniques they learnt to create their own art work. They started off with a rough sketch and then progressed into the canvas. For the cave art, they used wall putty. They really enjoyed mixing the colours and combining them to create beauty that communicated volumes. The completed works were then displayed at the ‘Art Exhibition’, an event which was graced by our chief architect, Mr. Surya and the parents. The geckos really enjoyed explaining the technique and purpose of the works and letting the guests express their own interpretations of each.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights: