The Gaudium School dawned to a cheerful morning with the chanting of the Mul Mantar- the Guru Vani on the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti! A special assembly was organized on 30th November 2020 to celebrate the teachings of the founder of Sikhism, who preached that being selfless is the supreme duty of human beings.

The celebration was a replica of a rainbow with hues of meaningful and thought-provoking programmes. Meghana of Grade 7, CAIE, shared a story about how Guru Nanak Ji gave an insightful lesson to a proud scholar and thus lifted him out of darkness while our geckos presented a vibrant video of their most inspiring quote collection that verbalized their ingrained core values. Thanvika transcended her love for dance in a mesmerizing Bhangra number.

The spotlight of the event was the hosts Yagnika and Anjali of Grade 7 CAIE, who made sure that the programme had a seamless flow. The speeches delivered by our visionary Principal of Cambridge International and CBSE Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, our Coordinator Ms. Varsha Dillikar and Global Perspective subject teacher Mr. Beesanna added to the solemnity of the occasion.

The students had a truly rejuvenating time watching the virtual event that ignited in them the lamp of hope and positivity.


Some pics: