“Wildlife Day Celebrations in The Gaudium School” Research has shown that there are numerous benefits in encouraging children to care for animals. For young children, looking after a companion animal can help develop a sense of responsibility and compassion. In The Gaudium School, due emphasis is paid on nurturing young hearts and minds to have a positive approach towards wildlife. March 3, 2017 was celebrated as “The Wildlife Day”. The theme this year was “Listen to the Young Voice”. During the morning meet, the school campus resounded with the cute, melodious voice of our nursery tiny-tots singing, “What Do You See?” The song speaks about twelve different animals and the different habitats they live in. Geckos from PP2 and Grade 3 gave an introduction on the importance of this day. Moving ahead to the classroom learning and teaching, the importance of the day was well observed by the geckos of PP1 and PP2 as well.

They had a presentation on “Show and Tell”. Our enthusiastic geckos carried either a mask of a wild animal or a soft toy to school and spoke about the animal and its varied needs. It was a fun-filled atmosphere in Grade 2 as well, as our geckos played ‘Drum Charades’ wherein the opposite team had to spontaneously and fluently speak on the topic, “Wild Life”. Grade 1 geckos got a glimpse of the many difficulties that endangered species face, through the movie “Rio”. With all these happenings going on in school, it was a provocative and inspirational day for everyone, leaving each one of us keen to do whatever we can to protect wildlife and also inspire others to get involved. The geckos of Grade 3 delivered a thought-provoking theatre presentation on “Save the Tiger” that drew attention to the way in which selfish humans endanger the homes and shelters of some of our most precious species.

Facilitators: Homeroom Teachers


Some key highlights: