When will the bell ring, and end this weariness?….Of the books that lie out on the desks: a full threescore….’ says DH Lawrence in the poem  “Afternoon in School: The Last Lesson”,  clearly echoing our feelings on the last day of school before the summer break began. Goodbyes were exchanged and the anticipation of lazy-mornings and late-nights made the heart skip a beat. But, alas for our foolish human nature! It wasn’t long before we started to miss the naughty classroom chatter, the debates, the lessons, schedules, deadlines and the sheer joy of staying connected, though remotely.

After a long wait that felt like eternity, virtual classes resumed on the 16th of June and every brimming face on camera had the same story to tell- ‘We badly missed school’. The excitement was at its peak and pulsating summertime tales brought the classroom space to life. In times that advocate staying safe, dreaming big and celebrating the small, our team of enthusiastic class mentors and co-class-mentors had painstakingly prepared for the big comeback. The first day of school commenced with mindful meditation followed by the school song and prayer, marking the start of a balanced approach to learning experiences in the days to come. The element of fun that never fails to strengthen classroom bonds manifested itself in the various games, quizzes and trivia that the mentors had designed for our Geckos. Hopping from one google meet class to the other, one would encounter infectious smiles, endless chatter and excitement that compels you to indulge. After all, every school year at The Gaudium is about creating memories of joyful beginnings and gratifying ends. Indeed, the first day at school after the summer break rekindled the desire to set off on a knowledge trip with renewed vigour and a stronger intent to make the year a fulfilling one.


Some snapshots: