Geckos had a guest lecture on the reproductive system by the Principal. She elaborated on the evolutionary process to show the relation between reproduction, evolution and progression of a species from generation to the next. She started with the basic cellular organisation and the important component the nucleus which carries the genetic code that determines the sexual traits. She took up the anatomy of the male, female reproductive organs of Humans. She discussed the gametogenesis formation of sperm and egg, the fertilization process from inception, gestation – to the birth of the young ones. The asexual reproduction system at lower level was also explained by quoting examples of hydra, amoeba, insects, helimenths, bacteria etc.

The difference between External fertilization, internal fertilization using the examples of frog, elephant was explained; during which she gave an activity where students had to match the animal with its baby. It was fun activity that enhanced the vocabulary of the Geckos where they learnt the baby of the wolves, swine, and swan was also called pup, piglet and cygnet. After discussing the basic reproductive system she went on to the Endocrine and Exocrine System that secretes hormones responsible for development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics in Humans. While taking the unit the intention was to bring awareness among the geckos to the health hygiene and appropriate age to involve in sexual intercourse.

She discussed the puberty changed in males and menstrual cycle in females and the appropriate care geckos need to take during these physical, emotional and hormonal changes. She counselled the Geckos on managing the changes that can cause an emotional trauma among the teens where they could develop complex with change in voice, growth changes, develop acne etc. She will continue the unit to talk about the development of the embryo into a baby, twins, in the next session. Geckos although embarrassed at some occasion found the unit as important information that needs to be addressed since they were able to relate to their own growth and physical changes that will occur and are going through.

Facilitator: Mrs. Hema


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