Teachers are evergreen talents, paradome of love and knowledge; they are distinguished people as they design the future of a country – are capable of envisaging a bright future and of achieving it, they mould their students with skills, attitude and determination, in the right combination, so that they turn out to be human assets for their country. Every year, the nation celebrates September 5 as Teachers Day to commemorate the birthday of the second President of independent India, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a great scholar and a teacher.

Having blessed with extremely talented teachers who are inspirers, The Gaudium and the geckos made their teachers feel super special on 4 September 2019, as they celebrated the Teachers Day. The teachers at The Gaudium find teaching joyful as they impart knowledge as well as transcend the young ones into happy beings. Paying respect and gratitude to their hard work, dedication and spirit by celebrating Teachers Day festively, for The Gaudium, was an expression of great significance and reverence.

The Gaudium and the geckos welcomed the teachers with roses as a token of love and gratitude. A special assembly was conducted by the PYP students. The celebrations started with the prayer song. The traditional dance performance was quite a spectacle and the song and speech in appreciation of the good work done by teachers received a long round of applause. This was followed by cultural programmes by the geckos of the other segments. the programmes included a dance, skits and songs.  After a sumptuous lunch, the celebrations resumed.

It was great Teachers Day indeed. The excited geckos didn’t leave a stone unturned to make their teachers jubilant and smiling. Flowers and greeting cards that expressed their deep love, respect and gratitude towards their teachers left all the teachers exceedingly joyful and highly motivated! On September 5th, the teachers of The Gaudium will celebrate their day going on an outing with The Gaudium team.


Some highlights: