Our school was one of the eight participants of the Visual Arts Fest held at Oakridge, Bachupally. It was an event which focused on learning and sharing and was based on the theme, ‘How we express ourselves’. This served as a platform for our geckos, who were prepared by the facilitators, to showcase their teamwork, enthusiasm, discipline, open-mindedness and effective communication. They were given topics which varied from courage and sympathy to bond of love under the categories sculpting, painting, rangoli, mask making and storyboard. Their performance was praiseworthy as they make a mark with and for the Gaudium. Vibhor, a gecko from grade four earned a standing ovation from the audience as he mesmerized them with the notes on the piano. All the geckos entertained the audience with their melodious ‘tikki tikki toka’, a French song and ‘chanda suraj lakhon taare’. The motto of learning and sharing was fulfilled as our geckos not only performed but learnt from the other performers and exchanged ideas and knowledge.

Facilitators: The Gaudium Team


Some delightful moments: