Profile of the month is open-minded. To emphasis the profile open-minded , through theatre and story- telling the teacher has planned the role play of fairy tale – Cinderella . Geckos enjoyed the play and were made aware of the profile open-minded through open mindedness of the prince.

Attitude of the month is respect and tolerance. Through play teacher were able to made connections between attitude -tolerance and respect of Cinderella towards her elders.

PPs geckos had a live-action re-telling of classic fairy tale – Cinderella. Cinderella story is a dream come true fairy tale and taught geckos never to give up hope. Profile of the month for the Geckos is open-minded . Through theatre and story- telling, the teacher were able to demonstrate profile of the month -open-minded . Geckos enjoyed the play and were able to make connections with the attitude of the month -respect and tolerance.


Some glimpses of the event: