From the 16th to the 18th of November, The Gaudium School played host to a three-day workshop series designed exclusively for educators, featuring distinguished speakers hailing from diverse educational backgrounds. This engaging event covered pivotal themes: IBDP 5-year evaluation, gender diversity, and IGCSE First Language English, tailored to meet the specific needs of CBSE, IBDP, and Cambridge curriculum teachers.

The workshops provided a unique confluence of expertise, allowing teachers to benefit from the insights of visionaries from renowned institutions. Eminent educators shared their wisdom, offering a rare opportunity for teachers to delve into critical subjects. Here’s a glimpse of the luminaries who graced the event:

  • Dr. Vasudha Rani, Director of Panineeya Mahavidyalaya College, addressed CBSE teachers on the crucial topic of Gender Diversity.
  • Ms. Akella Padmavathi, a retired Assistant Commissioner, shared enlightening perspectives with CBSE teachers.
  • For IBDP teachers, the workshop was led by Jasmine Madhani, Head of School at Jamnabai Narsee International School and IBEN Evaluation Leader.
  • Cambridge teachers had the privilege of gaining insights from Mr. Abhinandan Bhattacharya, a Cambridge Assessment Specialist and TOK Facilitator.

The teachers were not merely passive participants but active learners, gaining invaluable insights that fostered a deeper understanding of their subjects, thereby enhancing their teaching journey.

This initiative seamlessly aligns with The Gaudium’s unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded education. By bringing in experts to guide teachers, the school reinforced its dedication to nurturing not only academic excellence but also holistic development.

The Gaudium School Workshop Series 2023 for teachers emerged as a dynamic exchange of knowledge, reflecting the school’s continuous efforts to enrich the educational experience and empower educators for a promising future.