The Gaudium celebrates teachers’ day with a difference!  This year the celebrations started with the management felicitation of our young budding champions who made their mark in chess Master Kavish Aryan Grade 3, Champion in the U-8 boys, Ms. Samhitha. P grade 2 RUNNER UP in the U-8 Girls TELANGANA STATE ONLINE CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP, Master Arjun Adireddy 6th Grade CBSE, Secured 9th Place in the ASIAN SCHOOLS ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP-2021.

Everyone expressed their gratitude to the coach for mentoring and training the students as well as parents and teachers for their support. The celebrations culminated with the staff coming together for sumptuous lunch, reconnecting and reviving their memories. The school also conducted a vaccination drive for all its staff to ensure that we are a safe and healthy community ready to welcome students soon.


Some highlights: