A dynamic theatre workshop was conducted for the geckos of Grades 6-8 by Mr. Hari Krishna on 5th December 2020 under the Talking Titans initiative. Mr. Hari Krishna is a well-known name in the industry and has been working with many reputed international schools in Hyderabad in his career spanning several decades. He loves working with children and adolescents and he believes that children don’t act, they live the characters! The geckos got this brilliant opportunity to have Mr. Hari Krishna with them exclusively to experience the magic of drama on the day!

The workshop was a great way to imbibe a creative spirit among the students. The guest Mr Hari explained how theatre and acting act as a bridge between imagination/fantasy and reality. His gentle encouragement to the participants to free up, delve into the imaginary world and act, spoke volumes about his expertise in the field. The students rehearsed with him on several scripts and enjoyed the process of learning to act and knowing the nuances. Not only that, the geckos learnt several technical terms and techniques and found out about exercises which help to focus, control nervousness and keep stage fear at bay. The workshop was engaging and a very active one which was enjoyed by all the participants alike!


Some pics: