The Student Led Conference is one of the most important moments of the IB learning. After a long academic year through various inquiries on different transdisciplinary themes, the child finally gets to share glimpses of the learning journey with their parents. Unlike a paper-pen test at the end of the academic year, which only accesses limited number of skills, the SLC not only requires the child to be thorough with learning but also needs them to be orally fluent and confident as well as creative. The SLC held at the Gaudium on 15 April 2017, saw the wonderful learning of the children. Most of the grades were working on the transdisciplinary theme ‘Sharing the planet’ and the topics varied from resources to biodiversity. The various issues threatening the planet were discussed by the children through models and work stations. It was a delightful experience for the students as well as the parents.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some key highlights: