“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge” Carl Sagan. Science is world of wonders and mysteries. It enables us to think beyond all our beliefs and opinions. Every object that we see, feel and perceive is a subject of science. It is very essential to open the way to science right from the school days as it is an integral part of everyday life.

Geckos of grade 2 stepped into the world of science with an inquiry into the topic ‘states of matter’. From day 1 the kids were happy and astonished with all the new things they started learning in their unit ‘States of Matter’. They were mesmerized to know and experience the new things they came to know about the world around them. But science is not all about theories. It surprises us with all the experiments and proofs for every theory it has. That is why science is the subject which is empirical, rational and objective.

Many simple experiments were done from the class as a part of the journey of the unit ‘States of Matter’. But to add up more information and live experiences for the geckos, grade 2 organized a guest lecture with Mr. Ram, a science teacher.

The way of presentation and explanation of experiments were very informative and exciting for the geckos. Each and every point in the unit was explained with the help of a wide range of experiments. The geckos were able to revamp as well as intensify the knowledge they acquired from the unit.The students got a chance to clarify their doubts and this session was also a platform where they could bring their own examples and information. The guest lecture started with a discussion on states of matter along with experiment and ended up with a question answer session. This question answer session helped the kids to interact with the lecturer. Altogether the whole session was cherry on the cake. It helped the geckos a lot in the journey of the unit ‘States of Matter’.

Facilitator: Mr. Ram


Some highlights: