Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) conducted a leadership training workshop for “Child Protection” by internationally acclaimed child protection experts, Tim Gerrish OBE and Susie March in order to help schools to create, implement and evaluate a comprehensive child protection plan that meets the new accreditation standards agreed upon by leading boards like the IB (International Baccalaureate ) to educate and protect our students, staff and community from the very real threat of child predators.

Our Principal Ms. Hema Surapaneni and our psychologist, Ms. Pooja Kolambe are trained and certified for having successfully completed the intensive and practical work needed to create a comprehensive child protection plan within The Gaudium School.

A thorough training is given to all our teaching and non-teaching staff, admin staff, drivers, ayahs and security on child safeguarding and protection.  As it is a necessity to share the information with the parents before we conduct classes to our geckos. Thus Mrs. Hema gave detailed presentation on how parents need to be aware of child safeguarding and protection. She also presented the steps taken by school after attending the workshop. Parents became more cautious after the awareness and at the same time they were happy to see that school has set policies for the same.

Facilitator: Mrs. Hema


Some highlights: