The Gaudium School hosted the South Asia IB Schools Association (SAIBSA) DP Job Alike Session on 25th January 2020.

  • 17 schools from South Zone, offering IBDP curriculum participated
  • 19 DP subjects sessions were held.

The objective of SAIBSA is to promote a greater understanding of the IB at all levels. It provides an opportunity for experienced/new teachers, coordinators, vice principals and principals from IB schools to get together to share good teaching practices, teaching ideas, their expertise, and explore issues/challenges relevant to the country or region and to share strategies and solutions.

Mr. Kaisar Dopaishi, the SAIBSA president, was the keynote speaker of the event. He shared the relevance of ‘Inquiry & Concept based Unit Planning in DP’.

Mr. Vinayak Sudhakar, the IB Development and Recognition Manager, shared the DP updates with all the participants through the skype address.

Job Alike Sessions forum helped all the participants and facilitators to be enriched through their sharing and provided an opportunity to strengthen and deepen understanding of IB philosophy and IBDP standards and practices. All the participants were very impressed by the school facilities and hospitality. They have reflected with significant take-aways from the learning sessions.


Key highlights: