The Gaudium was the proud host for the first face-to -face SAIBSA job alike sessions, post pandemic, for PYP & MYP and DP on 3rd September and 10th September, 2022 respectively.

IB practitioners from across the country attended the two SAIBSA events and participated in a range of job-like sessions. They collaborated, shared perspectives and best practices to ensure that learning is for life.

Ms. Kirthi Reddy, Founder and Director The Gaudium, Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, CEO and Ms. Shalini Singh Hamilton, Middle & High School welcomed the delegates.

Mr. Kasiar Dopaishi, President SAIBSA was present for both the events and facilitated sessions as well.  Ms. Monica Sarang was the keynote speaker for PYP & MYP SAIBSA while Ms. Hafsa Noori Pasha was the keynote speaker for DP SAIBSA.


Some highlights: