‘Safety is gainful, Accident is painful’

The Cyberabad Traffic Police Department in collaboration with Honda Company conducted an interactive workshop on Road-Safety for the students at the Kollur campus. The session started with a video presentation on wrong practices and their effects by Mr. Ramesh Kumar from the Cyberabad Traffic Police Division. He spoke about the way today’s youth is falling prey to bad habits like alcohol consumption and Drug Abuse which is leading to many road accidents. Mr. Amit form Honda Company spoke about various Road Signs and their importance. He showed us how to identify and the difference between mandatory, cautionary and informatory road signs. The importance of lane discipline was demonstrated by students themselves. Mr. Amit asked a question that why wearing a White helmet was better than black one. Our students answered it by recollecting their physics concept- Reflection of Light. They answered that White objects reflect all the light falling on them whereas Black objects do not.

Mr. Amit expressed his heartfelt appreciation on hearing this answer. The workshop concluded with a hands-on experience of riding a prototype motor bike designed especially for learning purpose by our students. They understood the way a motorbike has to be accelerated, safety gear to be worn while riding and the method of parking a bike. Mr. Ramesh Kumar and the Honda team expressed their gratitude to the management and Principal of The Gaudium for giving them an opportunity to spread awareness amongst students and inculcate the importance of safety in children.

Facilitator: Mr. Ramesh


Some key moments: