Geckos of Grade 4 & 5 were involved in waste management project incorporating with their POI unit on Pollution.India generates 115,000 tons of solid waste per day, 5.6 million metric tons of plastic waste annually’. With tons of waste material being generated globally,we are now faced with growing environmental concern that impacts the air,water, land, human and animal health etc. The rationale behind the workshop is to create awareness among the future generation to protect, save their natural surrounding by bringing in the right solutions to stop, recycle and possibly help reverse, environmentally damaging practices of producing more waste.

Students Actions: Geckos collected a few discarded items such as chocolate, soap and cardboard boxes, mineral water bottles, plastic jars etc. and made useful products like pencil holders, decorative trays, storage boxes and various other models. They liked the activity and learnt the 3 R policy “Reduce, Recycle and Re-use” of the waste management practice.

Facilitator: Mrs. Neha Tammareddy


Preeti Jain et. al. (RESEARCH ARTICLE ), International Journal of Advanced Research (2014), Volume 2, Issue 1, 109-116.


Some highlights: