Action is an integral part of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and an opportunity for students to make a significant change in the community. Students of grade 5 B as part of their IB PYP Exhibition Action under the aspect Advocacy, conducted an awareness session on mental well-being for the Aayammas under the transdisciplinary theme – How we organize ourselves on Tuesday, 21st March 2023.

The session started with a brief introduction of well-being and its types. Students explained the importance of mental well-being and listed various other benefits of mental well-being. Further, they spoke about mental illness, its various symptoms, and its causes of it followed by strategies to improve mental well-being. While discussing strategies students introduced various mindfulness exercises as it plays a big role in improving our overall mental health.

Students along with Ayammmas did starfish breathing exercises and talked about its benefits such as helping to reduce feelings of anxiousness or stress and it also promotes increased attention and ability to focus in order to learn.

The session ended with an engaging activity named ‘ Bury your worry” where the students asked ayammas to write their worries on a piece of paper and place them inside the jar before they leave. They even helped them to write down their worries.  The purpose of this activity was to drop all the baggage in a jar to have a peaceful mind. A peaceful mind or inner peace helps us cope with stressful situations. It’s a state of mind that can help us cope with life’s difficult situations and other stressors and be happy despite setbacks.

As small steps lead to big changes in the community!


Key hilghights: