The parent orientation session for Grades 1 to 5 was held on 13th June 2020 as a part of stakeholder connect. The event was conducted virtually where all the parents of the IB PYP students logged in at the mentioned time to connect with the teachers, coordinators and the Principal and find out about the curriculum and connect with PYP team.

The session started with a warm welcome by the IB PYP Principal as she spoke about the vision and mission of The Gaudium School. An insight was given on the five developmental pillars of The Gaudium. Each of the developmental pillars was explained to the parents in detail and explained how it would be a part of the curriculum from this academic year. Parents were made aware of the curriculum, its enhanced features and how it would be benefitting the students. The Transdisciplinary themes and special features of the curriculum were walked through by the PYP Coordinator. Design thinking, drama, novel reading, home/family language, personal inquiries, approaches to learning, attributes of the learner profile are some of the salient features of the enhanced curriculum this academic year. All the PYP teachers, coordinators, associate coordinators, single-subject teachers, counsellors were introduced to the parents. They were also given a glance into the time table and class allotments which would be followed in the online classes. The Principal took the parents through the Homework Policy and also informed about the assessment plan which would help analyse every student’s learning progress. The Chief Administrator of The Gaudium School then explained about the School Management System and how the parents can reach out to the school and communicate. The Head of Sports updated the parents on sports coaching which would also initiate virtually and briefed about the Sportopia vision and concluded the Parent Orientation.

With the global pandemic fear continuing and safety being the top-most priority, online classes are the new reality. Even though the platform is virtual, an initiation and introduction session with the parents and the Gaudium team would help in the very crucial element of bond-building and developing trust. The parent orientation for the primary year programme was a fruitful event, as it helped build a strong bond with the parents of the geckos in this journey of learning.


Some highlights: