As far as parents are concerned, Parent Orientation programmes are fantastic opportunities for getting to know what the upcoming academic year has in hold for their children. These programmes  help them to set their expectations in alignment with the goals of the school. In addition to this, they get to meet up with teachers. For schools, Parent Orientation programmes are platforms for being eloquent about: the assessment and its schedule, extracurricular activities and classroom delivery practices. The support required from parents are requested, and finally, this event, ready both parents and schools for helping children to walk a steady path without confusion but confidence and joy.

The Gaudium held its first Parent Orientation Programme for the 2019-20 academic year in the month of June. The school curriculum and the subjects being taught were discussed. The programme provided the parents with a clear idea of what their children would learn this year and how it will help their careers in the future. The parents were requested to keep a track of the progress being made by the children and suggest changes if any that they may feel would add value to their wards’ learning. More than this, various assessment methods adopted at The Gaudium were detailed stressing on how the grading works and what the children can do to improve their performance.

On the whole the parent orientation was a success that helped create a bonding between the parents and their children’s teachers.


Some pics of the event: