At Gaudium, we value and emphasize connecting and collaborating with our stakeholders. We communicate and connect regularly to involve them as partners in the learning process. Parents can support the learning of their children if they are aware of the pedagogy and approach and have a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the program being implemented. To enhance their understanding of the elements of the programme, our PYP team including members of the pedagogical leadership team and teachers designed a series of informative sessions for our parents. These sessions are scheduled on each Saturday. The sessions are focused on key topics like. ‘Inquiry’, ‘Assessments’, ‘Design Thinking’, ‘School policies’, ‘Attributes of Learner Profile’, ‘Approaches to Learning’, ‘International Mindedness’, etc with the aim to develop a common understanding of our approach and practices. These sessions provide a platform for interaction, sharing understanding and posing pertinent questions to seek clarity.


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