Educational Tour offers the perfect informal setup for discussion, dialogues and experiences which helps in developing various life-skills, such as team building, time management etc. to enhance one’s reach and impact in society.

It exposes students to different lifestyles, places, people and era. When on educational tour students sbroaden the understanding of every aspect of the place and its people. Students gain first hand experiences which allows teachers to expand the topic which is not possible during the normal class.

The Gaudium school organized an outbound educational trip to Singapore from 2/10/2019-8/10/2019. We started our journey on 2/10/2019 by taking a flight from Rajiv Gandhi International airport, Hyderabad. Two teachers with a batch of nine students started off their journey to a city which is a medley of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences along with a tropical climate, tasty food from hawker centres, copious shopping malls. We were received by Ms.Niharika, the tour operator who took us to Little India where we had our lunch and then moved to Hotel Holiday Inn Katong. Students freshened up there and, in the evening, went around the place understanding the life of people. It gave an insight into the cosmopolitan culture of the place with its unique cuisine and way of living.

Our visit to NEWater bottling plant which is the brand name given to reclaimed water produced by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board. The aim was to determine if NEWater was a viable source of raw water for Singapore’s needs. NEWater and desalination both were explored to reduce reliance on water imported from Malaysia, which has long been a source of friction between the Malaysian and Singapore governments. A session was conducted by the personnel from the unit who explained the complexities in the process. Our Geckos were made to reflect on their Water Management techniques. They were very much overwhelmed by the ways of sustainable methods used by the Singaporeans. It made them reflect and take a decision that they will start making efforts to avoid water wastage in their own ways.

Geckos were taken to NUS- National University of Singapore which is a comprehensive research university, offering a wide range of disciplines, including the sciences, medicine and dentistry, design and environment, law, arts and social sciences, engineering, business, computing and music at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s top university. Geckos were escorted by three students from NUS, Ms.Helen and team  orientated about the admission process, courses offered, special attractions of the University, culture and life of a student in the university. The self-discipline, accountability of a student for completion of a project, history exhibition, group discussion rooms, students handling their daily chores independently etc caught the attention of Geckos. Their biggest learning outcome from the visit was- When we participate in new experiences, experiences that are outside of our comfort zone or outside of our routine, there is often a lot of learning that can take place.

The River cruise, Night safari, Boeing Air craft simulation centre, visit to Sentosa, Universal studios, Singapore mobility gallery etc were enjoyed the most by Geckos.

Overall their experience was unique and wholesome which was filled with fun and education beyond the class rooms.


Some highlights: