Learning Outcome: To help them understand the responsibility, and ownership while taking care of pets as a part of their family.

People around the world are fond of keeping pet animals. While most people stick to dogs and cats, many break this convention and go for rabbits, turtles, snakes, monkeys, horses and what not. It is great to have pets around. However, whatever be the case pets eventually become an integral part of the family.

To understand and inquire further about pets, Nursery children brought a toy pet animal from home and spoke about their pets. We were delighted to see dogs, cats, monkey, birds, rabbits, Mickey Mouse, elephant etc. as their pets. The exhibited confidence and enthusiasm while sharing their knowledge about how they take care of their pets at home. Children expressed that there are many ways of taking care of pets such as, feeding them food on time, giving them enough water and refilling the water bowl at regular intervals, train them every day and take them out for a walk, and if the pets are not well and sad they should be taken to a veterinary doctor for treatment. Children were very empathetic and caring during their show and few children expressed that we should respect our pets and not ill-treat them for any reason. In the end, all the geckos were reflective and knowledgeable towards taking care of animals.


Some photos: