While our other senses are handled by specific parts of our body like our eyes or ears, our sense of touch is found all over our body. Without the sense of touch we would not feel our feet touch the ground when we walk or feel pain when we are hurt.To help our students understand the importance of the sense of touch we organized the event MYSTERY BOX.

The facilitators put a mystery box in front of the PP1 Geckos containing different texture of materials like cotton, piece of silk cloth, wool, rope, scrubber, piece of thermocol, sand paper, satin ribbon etc. Each child took turn to go to the mystery box, picked up one object, tried to identify the object and tell the class how they feel to touch it. They discussed about the different textures like rough, smooth, hard, soft,and fluffy. The Kids got to know that the sense of touch is originated at the bottom most layer of the skin called “Dermis” which sends information to the brain and brain reacts. Our Geckos enjoyed the event and enhanced their knowledge. They showcased integrity by helping their friends who were not able to identify the object and the texture.

Learning Outcome: The students discovered that we use our senses to learn about the world around us. They learned that our sense of touch is all over the body because of the nerves in our skin. The students learned how to protect our skin and how our skin protects us.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


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