Being the unit of inquiry ‘Growth’ PP1 Geckos are learning about life cycles of different living things. By getting to know about the births of a variety of animals, they discovered that different species begin life in different ways. The exercises helped them understand that living things grow and change at different rates during their life cycle. Students examined images that highlight the development of different kinds of animal and learned that many animals develop much faster than humans. This helped learners begin to understand that the developmental stages of life vary from one species to another.

The facilitators prepared flash cards showing different stages of life cycle of butterfly, frog, fish, hen, ant and plant. The learners were asked to choose a card randomly. Further on the basis of the card they got they were told to find out other members of their group having different stage of the life cycle of same living thing as they have. After finding their group mates the students coloured the card, arranged them in sequence and made mobiles out of those.

The Geckos showed a lot of integrity, teamwork and tolerance during the task, as they waited for their team members to finish their work, helped each other in arranging the cards and sequence. It was a great example of collaborative work.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Key highlights: